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I help crazy-busy working women lose weight by teaching them how to create healthy habits that stick. No diets. No deprivation. No endless hours of cardio. Just simple living and food freedom.

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If you struggle with feeling tired and sluggish, are prone to acne breakouts or eczema, have allergies all year long or get congested for no reason, are easily irritated or annoyed, have tummy issues like gas, bloating and indigestion, and have dark circles under your eyes, your addiction to sugar could be the cause. Sign up for this free 5 day challenge and stop suffering, girl! TRY IT NOW FOR FREE!

"Because of adrenal fatigue, I always had trouble with staying energized without energy drinks. With Tanya's 1:1 Coaching, I learned better techniques for boosting my energy and healing my adrenals, and it's improved my life immensely."

Book Editor

"I have done many sessions with Tanya and have always ended them with such a great feeling of excitement and satisfaction. She possesses an extra-ordinary amount of information about nutrition as well and exercise and fitness."


"I'd definitely recommend Tanya to others. I like that she's real - no fluff with diets, pills or shakes. If you want to lose weight, Tanya shows you HOW to eat better and find exercise FUN."


"I'd like to thank Tanya for all her time and advice. She told me it wouldn't be easy, but that it would be worth it and get better! I enjoyed every single week that she planned for me! Her personality makes you feel like you already know her and you can really tell she cares about people's health and making them FEEL happier and healthier with their bodies."


"Tanya was definitely supportive because I have the RESULTS! She was flexible with the meal plans and quick to offer substitutions instead of forcing food on me. She was encouraging with the exercise routines and I never felt rushed with our talks. I know she had other clients but I felt like our time was OUR time."

Computer Marketer

"The video chats were great and gave me the accountability I needed. Just through working with Tanya I gained more confidence! It was nice to talk to an actual person who had experienced similar struggles and knew what I was going through. I felt like I was working with a friend."

Craft Teacher

"The exercises seemed impossible at first. That's because I honestly didn't remember the last time I worked out. But I did them. I read her instructions and went to town. I can do them in my sleep now."

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