3 Top Secrets to Breaking a Weight Loss Plateau (that I bet you don't know)

Uncategorized Feb 12, 2019

 When it comes to losing weight, at some point it will be inevitable that you will get stuck. Your weight loss may stall. You can't get any inches off or the needle on the scale to go down, no matter what you try. I was in a weight loss plateau for two years, girlie! But...I figured it out and I'm so glad to show you "3 Top Secrets to Breaking a Weight Loss Plateau (that I bet you don't know)".

Secret # 1:

Break the Cycle!
Often times we find our unhealthy habits are hard to shake because they are such a part of our daily routine. We find ourselves unable to break the weight loss plateau because we are still doing the same things as before we started dieting and working out. Our habits are just plain unhealthy.

In order to break our plateau we need a new routine. New habits. Healthier ones.

Our current daily routine is taking us where we don't wanna go. Something has to happen to break our bad routines.

But then if it's that simple, "just break old habits"...why does it seem so hard? Well, if you are like me, trying to take on ALL the things at once gets me so flustered and I just end up quitting or stopping altogether. Sound familiar?

Herein lies the "secret sauce" to creating new, healthier habits...and making them stick -- only attempt 1-2 new things at a time!

 We all tend to get wrapped up in the "here's what you do, then do this, now do this, don't forget this, ok now you should have lost 20 lbs" mind-game, all the while getting too overwhelmed, frustrated and sometimes, pissed off when it doesn't work. It's not working cuz we're doing all the things half-assed and none of the things on point.


Example: Instead of trying to diet and eat less, get 5 workouts in this week, drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day (when you only drink half of that right now) PLUS get the laundry done, dinners made and floors cleaned, start with just working on increasing your water intake daily. Slowly add 8-16 oz more each day until your kidneys have adjusted and you're not running to the washroom every 15 minutes, or it's just 2nd nature for you, whichever comes first. lol

Then, the following week, cut out drive-thru meals. No more takeout if it's not scheduled or planned ahead. Do that for as long as it takes you to finally feel comfortable. Maybe that's one week, Maybe it's 6. Just focus on that and getting your water in till you can do both in your sleep.

Next, add exercise to your routine, something you truly enjoy doing. Maybe you don't know what that is right now. That's the fun part! Sign up for a class, buy a DVD, download an app -- try all the things and then stick with your faves. The point here is, you will not know what exercise you like to do if you don't try different kinds of it.

See how this "weight loss thing" is a journey, not a quick fix? Baby step it girl. Take it one little baby step at a time.

Secret # 2:

Hit the Eject Button on Toxic Peeps!
Tell me if you can relate...you start a new diet and exercise program, and you are really pumped and motivated. You hired a Weight Loss Coach, emptied your kitchen of trigger foods and unhealthy snacks and bought two new pairs of runners. You are all psyched up and ready to roll.

You share your newfound excitement and reasons for wanting to get healthier with a loved one or friend, only to have your hopes dashed and excitement crushed when they toss their toxic comments on you. Comments like:

  • you've tried to lose the weight before. Why are you wasting money on this again when you always fail?
  • you're fine just the way you are
  • what's with ordering a salad? You don't eat salad. What, you're too good for a burger now?
  • come on, it's wing night! One night won't hurt your diet! Just start over tomorrow!!

 They try to make is easy for you to go back to your unhealthy ways.

Now before we go any further, let's address the psychology of these types of situations because I don't want you to get discouraged if this has happened or is happening to you.

These comments are not always coming from a place of trying to bring you down. They are coming from a place of insecurity from the peep saying them. It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. They are worried you won't have time for them anymore with your new workout schedule. They are afraid you'll leave them once you lose the weight and get fit. They see themselves in a poor light as they are the ones who also need to do the work and get healthier.

It is all based on their insecurities not yours.

Maybe it's not possible to remove all the toxic peeps from your life, but it is possible to spend less and less time with them. It's also time to REFRESH the peeps around you! You will def need a support system of some type on your journey. You need peeps that get what you are trying to accomplish, to help you get back on track when you fall (and you will. I fall all the time!). You need to surround yourself with like-minded peeps who just...get it...and you.

Where to find them?

Facebook groups! Doin the Whole 30? Try this group.

Love Intermittent Fasting and want to learn more? Give this group a whirl.

Other places to meet peeps that have similar interests?

  1. Volunteer.
  2. Join a local hiking or running group.
  3. Take a cooking class at your local college.
  4. Join a book club.
  5. Check out this article for 30 ways to meet new peeps.

Secret # 3:

Build a Bridge

Picture this:

  • you have your current life -- your work, family, spouse, friends etc in your left hand
  • you have your new healthy lifestyle in your right hand


These two very important factors need to co-exist so you aren't trying to live two separate lives. Girl, that can be exhausting! I know. I tried that for two years when I first started my own weight loss journey. TWO YEARS!!!!

Be healthy but also make change with your old habits and new way of life -- that is key to your weight loss success.

How?? (here's where the brilliance happens)... You BREAK THE CYCLE (step #1) and HIT THE EJECT BUTTON ON TOXIC PEEPS (step #2)!

Do you want my help showing you how to do this?

Then hop into my 6-week 'Health & Energy NOW!' online program!

"Health & Energy NOW!" is my 6-week, Hormone-Balancing, Habit-Creating (secret weight loss) Program for the busy career- focused woman who already knows how to eat better and exercise, but needs help building that bridge to make these healthy habits a regular part of her everyday life.

For 6 weeks I'll help you lose weight by first getting our mindset fixed so you can:

  • set goals, AND achieve them
  • find time to exercise 3-5 days/week
  • choose healthier food options naturally, not be forced to make the "hard decisions" that come with dieting and cutting out your fave foods i.e. CHOCOLATE! ;)

Health & Energy NOW! is not your regular ol' weight loss/fitness program. It's completely different than the majority of the programs out there that shame you into 'dieting'.

The biggest difference you'll get in this 6 week program is support - from me and the community of other women, like you, who are tired of starting and stopping the typical weight loss yo-yo dance.

You'll completely transform the way you feel, think and look at weight loss via making healthier eating and lifestyle choices - so it becomes intrinsic - just like brushing your teeth every night before bed.


I recently did a podcast interview over at Fit Chicks Chat where I shared how I got my start as a nutritionist and the struggles I had for years with my weight, anxiety and depression. I was able to snag the video recording for you to watch if you prefer - Click Here to Watch It!



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