7 Reasons You Are Not Losing Belly Fat

Uncategorized Jul 02, 2019


A few years ago when hubsy and I were still together I lamented to him one night how hard it was to shrink my belly.

I couldn't figure it out -- I was eating healthy and nutrish food 80% of the time and killin myself in the gym lifting weights and doing loads of cardio (which at the time I thought was fat burning, but now I know better) and yet ... I still had a lot of belly fat.


Since then I've become certified as a Holistic Nutritionist and know whyyyyy and I thought YOU might like to know why too!

Losing belly fat is one of the most challenging things we face in trying to achieve positive weight loss results. Why is it so hard to get this section under control? Our belly fat can be a predictor of a variety of things including insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, heart disease or cancer. 

Getting rid of your belly fat even once you stabilize your health conditions can feel impossible, but finding the cure has everything with understanding the cause.

Here are seven reasons you are not losing belly fat:


I hate to break it to ya girlie but our age can increase our belly fat. It's true that with age, our midsection can become susceptible to expansion. As we age, we lose muscle mass which in turn decreases the number of calories we burn. With time, our bodies tend to relish those pesky fat cells, increasing belly fat.

Bad Workout Choices

'Member when I said above I thought loads of cardio was the best plan of action to burn excess fat? Mmmmmm, not so much!

Your workout regimen may not be the best choice of exercises that will help to rid you of belly fat. What exercises are best for belly fat? You always want to choose those exercises that will create the burn. Crunches and plank exercises will def tone and tighten your muscles underneath that fat, but we must focus on intense and short cardio sessions if we're gonna burn off said fat.

LISS, aka steady state cardio like swimming, walking, running, and even cycling can help with stress reduction and getting more steps in (ok 'cept for swimming and cycling) but to really burn off the fat, HIIT cardio is the way to go. I love me 2 tabata sessions back to back to get the most fat burn and be done with cardio quickly (takes me 10 minutes!).



Hormonal shifts can sometimes contribute to our midsection. Prevention Magazine identified that insulin resistance could have a nasty effect on the hormone leptin which helps our body to recognize when it is full and satisfied. If your leptin levels are out of whack, your body sometimes fails to immediately recognize that it is time to stop eating or that it is full.

Food Choices

Our dietary habits can completely ruin anything you are doing to take control of your belly fat. To shed those excess pounds, take steps to eat foods that are rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Lean protein can be another ally in your quest for a trimmer waistline.

Try to steer clear of processed foods. They contain high levels of sugar and saturated fat.

Too Much Soda

Do you drink soda like its water? If so, it is highly likely that this beverage is contributing to the fat around your midsection. Studies show that people who drink sugary sodas have a higher risk of developing fat around their organs.

People who manage to consume sugary drinks often are most likely to experience a gain of 27 percent more visceral fat than people who never drink them.

And diet soda? Even worse than regular soda as the fake sugars wreak havoc on our digestive systems and insulin levels. AVOID DIET SODA AT ALL COSTS!


I fall into this category BIG time lately! With my full-time nutrition and weight loss coaching biz, plus a part time jobbie and school (almost done till the fall!), I see my belly actually "growing" while other parts of me are shrinking.

Stress can manifest itself in abdominal fat. This side effect has everything to do with cortisol levels that have a way of rising during those situations in which we are feeling overwhelmed by a single or combination of circumstances and events.


Your belly does not like it when you skip out on getting a good night’s rest. Too little sleep contributes to belly fat. Your body needs adequate time to burn fat in the body, and that includes the fat in your belly. When we fail to get nine hours of sleep each night, our body convinces itself that it has to hold onto unwanted pounds –just in case you need it for more energy. 

These are just seven reasons you may be having a difficult time losing the belly. Finding the magical fix to help you shed the fat can feel overwhelming, but you can take steps to experience a positive outcome.

You have the power to begin making small changes that will help you to get your midsection under control. Keep I mind that results will not appear overnight, but with regular performance, they will emerge with time.

I know the pain and suffering that comes with being overweight and yet not having any motivation to get healthier.

I know how it feels to reminisce on days gone by when you ate healthily and worked out regularly, and I know how it feels to wonder where those days have gone.

I know how it feels to literally crave success with being ache and pain free ... and wondering if you'll ever get there again.

Wish you could stop thinking about sugar all the time?

Wish you could strengthen your willpower when the late-night sugar cravings hits?

Wonder if you could live a life where you can say "no" to sugar most of the time, but still be able to enjoy it sometimes without going off the rails and onto a sugar binge?

Girl, sugar doesn't have to be the boss of you anymore!

Take my free 5 day Sugar-Free Challenge now. For 5 days I'll help you kick sugar cravings, while showing you what foods are ok, in moderation (hello dark chocolate!) ;)

It's up to you - suffer one more week with crazy cravings and no willpower to donuts, candy, soda and ice cream ... or learn how to control sugar in your life.

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