Affirmations for a Positive Weight Loss Mindset

Uncategorized Jul 07, 2019

Hey girl! When it comes to re-setting our mindset around health weight loss, some of my clients find affirmations encourage self-change when you use them. They act as reminders and inspiration to help you focus on your weight loss goals during your day.

The most significant benefit gained from using affirmations is that they focus attention on your goals and promote positive thoughts through a considerable change in your life. Here are some tips on using Affirmations for a Positive Weight Loss Mindset:

Finding Your Weight Loss Affirmations

When you look for a weight loss affirmation, seek out a positive statement about your 

weight loss process. Always use first person tense when creating a powerful affirmation.

Also, apply the statement directly to you and your situation. It should be full of positive,
emotional comments about your weight loss and your body.

A strong connection exists between mind-body experiences and words of emotion. So,
instead of saying, I'll only eat healthy food, try saying something like I'll feel much
healthier and happier when I eat healthy food.

Weight loss affirmations should also be written in the present tense. Even though you don't feel a certain way about your weight loss yet, you speak towards a goal.

Examples of Affirmations:

Here are some weight loss affirmations that can get you started. Please feel free to
rewrite these for your body or personal situation.

1. I become a better me when I eat well.

2. I enjoy eating tasty new foods that help me lose weight.

3. I achieve my weight loss goal by eating healthier every day.

4. I am thankful to be able to move and exercise.

5. I feel invigorated after an active workout.

6. Getting in shape helps me feel better about my life.

7. My clothes fit better.

8. My clothes are becoming too big.

9. When I look in the mirror, I observe a new, healthier me.

10. I feel my muscles becoming stronger.

11. I enjoy learning new, healthier recipes.

12. I'm working health and fitness into my everyday life.

13. I"m like a cocoon turning into a butterfly, making positive changes in my life and

14. I deserve a healthy body and life.

15. I am giving myself a slim, fit body I deserve.

16. I am worth the effort of eating right and exercising.

Try using affirmations in your weight loss journey today.

Use these simple, encouraging statements to change the way you think and feel. You can even write them daily in your journal, have sticky notes on your mirror, or have reminders in your phone to repeat the affirmations each day.

I know the pain and suffering that comes with being overweight and yet not having any motivation to get healthier.

I know how it feels to reminisce on days gone by when you ate healthily and worked out regularly, and I know how it feels to wonder where those days have gone.

I know how it feels to literally crave success with being ache and pain free ... and wondering if you'll ever get there again.

Girl, you've tried going it alone for a long time now, and it hasn't garnered the results you hoped for. In fact, it's got you nowhere fast.

It was too easy to give up, make excuses and "forget" to do alllll the things you know you should be doing.

Do you know why?

You had nobody to be accountable for, and so your consistency went out the window.

That's why you need my 1:1 coaching.

With me in your corner doing all the heavy lifting (creating a plan of healthy eating that works for you, designing a workout program that suits your needs and abilities, and providing positive mindset strategies to get you out out of a depression), you're able to focus on doing one thing at a time - and for starters, that's just getting back on track.

Book a free 20-min Health Chat with me.

Let's discuss your health and/or weight loss problems and if my 1:1 coaching is for you.

There is zero obligation and I do offer a payment plan.

So let's chat. You can go about trying to figure it out on your own for another month, googling all the diets and buying cookie-cutter workout programs that are way too advanced for you (and take hours to do - time you simply don't have!) ... or you can cut through all that crud and work with someone who really and truly cares about your health, and has the answers to help you reach your goals.

The choice is yours. And you don't have to go it alone any longer. 


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