Delish Paleo Salads to Try

Uncategorized May 27, 2019

The paleo diet might consist a lot of meat, seafood, and veggies, but that doesn’t mean your meals have to get boring. There are a lot of salads that can be light and healthy, while still being in the paleo diet.

Lunches are great because you can have them for lunch or dinner, bring them to work, or even eat them on the road if you have the right food container.

Fruit, Bacon and Chicken Salad

This is a really delicious salad that is filling and a lot of fun to put together. What makes it so fun is that these are only the basic components. You can then put it together in any way you want.

Choose your preferred form of chicken to start with, whether it has been pan-fried, baked, boiled, or came as a rotisserie chicken.

You can then choose regular bacon or turkey bacon and add it as slices or chop it up into small pieces.

Then you will add your favourite fruit, such as apples, pears, oranges, or berries.

Buffalo Chicken Salad

Another salad that uses chicken as its primary ingredient is a buffalo chicken salad.

Start with your favourite greens, such as spinach, iceberg lettuce, or romaine lettuce. You will then add some chicken seasoned with buffalo sauce.

You can make it a southwestern salad by also adding some salsa and other spicy toppings. Choose any paleo-friendly dressing you like.

Hawaiian Salad

This is an extremely easy salad put together. All you need for a Hawaiian salad is a mix of greens, sliced or diced ham, and some fresh pineapple.

There are also some other variations on this, such as using Canadian bacon instead of ham, grilling up the ham and pineapple, or even adding some other fruits and veggies for more of a tropical salad.

Due the basic ingredients, this is also a good salad to put in a mason jar and bring to work with you.

Tomato, Avocado, and Cucumber Salad

This doesn’t actually have any lettuce, so it is more of a side dish salad as opposed to a traditional one.

All you need to do is combine sliced avocado with chopped tomatoes and some sliced cucumbers into a small bowl. You can add your own seasonings, such as pepper and sea salt, and sprinkle some oil, then toss it to coat.

It's easy, filling, and very healthy. This salad is perfect as a snack in between meals, a side dish, or served over a bed of greens if you choose to eat it that way.

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