Filling Paleo Dinner Ideas

Uncategorized Jun 02, 2019

If you're getting stuck on what to prepare for dinner for your family, these meal ideas can help. They provide some delicious ways to have family favourites that still fit within your paleo lifestyle.

Veggie Pasta

When you have a hankering for pasta, but can’t have the traditional spaghetti noodles you used to have before the paleo diet, you’re in luck! Many vegetables are ideal for using as a pasta substitute. All you need is the right vegetable and a spiralizer.

This is a handy little device that will spiralize your veggies, turning them into long, thin pasta-like shapes. Typically, zucchini and other squash works best with a spiralizer. These are also good for pasta since they have a good flavour when adding other ingredients.

For spaghetti, you can top it with your own paleo-friendly tomato sauce, or you can simply coat the ‘pasta’ with oil and seasonings for a very simple and fast dinner.

Fish and Chips

Believe it or not, you can have fish and chips even on the paleo diet!

For the fish, use halibut or cod, as these are both good for coating and frying. For the coating, instead of using bread crumbs like traditional fried fish has, you are going to crush almonds or cashews and coat the fish with that.

First dip them in an egg mixture, then dip in the crushed almonds. You can then fry it up while you bake or fry some sweet potato fries.

Cauliflower Side Dish

While it might be easy for you to grill some chicken or a steak for the main course and have it with some veggies on the side, another side dish choice is often difficult to come up with. If you are missing mashed potatoes or rice on the side of your main course, don’t fret! Cauliflower is here to feed that craving.

The mild flavour and consistency of cauliflower makes it a perfect substitute for both white rice and white potatoes, so you can easily turn it into your rice or potato side dish for a yummy and satisfying paleo dinner. TIP: make sure the cauliflower you buy is fresh. Over-ripe cauliflower will have a strong cabbage scent.

Chicken With Mango Avocado Salsa

This is a fun dinner that uses chicken as the main component, but then kicks it up a notch to be a little more interesting.

A common complaint about paleo is that it can get boring, but it really depends on how you look at it. When you are grilling, grill some chicken as well as some mango slices. When the mango is grilled, let it cool off, then chop it up and make a salsa with mango, avocado, and the other salsa ingredients you prefer.

Get any new paleo cooking ideas here today? Let me know which suggestion you're going to try!



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