About Tanya

If it has to do with balancing your hormones to boost weight loss, plus you’re a busy, career-driven working woman aged 35-50, I can help.

So let's start here (check all that apply):

I'm here because I:

-am in a weight loss plateau

-want to reduce my belly bloat

-need to quit craving sugar

-eliminate fatigue and brain fog when I wake up each morning

-need to figure out what workouts are best for fat loss

I'm Tanya Plummer and it's my goal to help you stop yo-yo dieting, shed excess fat and stop killing yourself in the gym and I do this by using a whole-food approach and simple living hacks so that you can make getting and staying healthy a part of your everyday routine.

I'm a self-proclaimed nutrition and fitness junkie. I could talk about hormones, glycogenesis and acute variables of exercise training all day, every day!

I've been a Fitness Nutrition Specialist (ISSA) since 2013 and am also a Personal Trainer (NASM) and Holistic Nutritionist (Fit Chicks Academy).

I'm recently separated and have 2.5 fur-kids that I adore. My passion for healthy fat loss coupled with my love for online relationship building led me to launch Tanya Plummer Health.

I love reading and learning and you can often find my nose stuck in a book. Summer is my FAVE season and I try to get outside with my yellow lab, Wizer as much as possible as the Eastern Ontario, Canada winters are brutal.

If I'm not studying, outside with Wizer or Mavvie (my ex and I share custody of Mavvie), cuddling with my cat, Murphy or catching re-runs of the Golden Girls and drinking hot cacao, you'll likely find me in the gym or in the kitchen trying out a new healthy recipe - as long as it takes 30 minutes or less to make!

Family is VERY important to me and my niece, sister and mom are my BFFS. On Saturdays we get together and hang out, connecting and laughing over coffee.

Click here to sign up for my FREE 'Energy Boosting Cheat Sheet' where I'll walk you through a painless and surprisingly easy journey to boost your energy quickly without caffeine or nasty chemical-filled sugary energy drinks.

I live and breathe fitness and nutrition, so much so that at age 47 I decided to "go back to school" and take my Holistic Nutrition education and experience to the next level.

I love helping women with their struggles with fat loss, showing them how EASY is really can be without dieting or endless hours of cardio by introducing them to healthier habits by simply listening to our bodies and balancing our hormones.

So while I'm a big fan of Step-by-Step Guides and Online Programs to make your weight loss/hormone balancing easier, my approach is all about YOU!

YOUR fat loss goals.

YOUR fitness abilities.

YOUR happier and healthier body AND mind.

Lock arms with me and #LetsGetFitTogether!


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